Innovation & Perspiration to Achieve Perfection.

Influenced by the smart revolution, future driven technologies and an unsettling mind, Brain Above breaks borders to offer powerful, global, integrated end-to-end solutions.
Rather than building a business on efficiency alone, we create space to dream up new art, new technology and timeless stories.
We let the fundamentals of design guide our hands. It’s about building beautiful products that measurably improve people’s lives.
Every pixel we produce tells the story of an earnestly maintained love for what we do. Without it, there is no Brave People.
If we can’t be excellent at it, we probably won’t do it. It’s this obsession with precision that defines us in a busy space of makers.

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"Indore: Dr Jadia mention that death ratio down from 11% to around 4.2%. Saying one reason is ongoing App based Survey"

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