Fuel Management System

One of the key tasks to maintain a robust system functioning is to have control over the distributed resources. One such resource is fuel which leads to high points while scoring for a successful waste management. Our Fuel Management platform enable to track and control fuel usage:
  • Fuel Entitlement calculations
  • Fuel Station Allocation
  • Fuel Slips or Usage of POC
  • Fuel Disbursal tracking
  • Vehicle wise system calculations based on historic performances and industry standards to set default entitlements
  • Authority of officials over fuel entitlement, overwriting limits and generate fuel slips through simple track and review process
  • Monitoring of fuel usage
  • Allotment of fuel can be simplified and structured by use of fuel card
  • Mileage tracking will help in saving fuel and reducing fuel theft by monitoring, evaluating similar patterns along with Alert management to keep vehicles in designed geofenced lanes
  • Readjustment of averages and frequencies
  • In depth comparison of usage at different levels such as within ward/zone or between same models
  • Provide comparative reports, usage graphs