GTS/Landfill Digitization

There are endless possibilities when it comes smart waste management solution. Once such out of box solution is to automate and / or digitize the place where the city’s waste is ultimately collected i.e. GTS or a Landfill.
IndiaWorx GTS/Landfill Digitization solution provides:
  • Facility to set up Boom barrier which allows restricted footfall and disallows Unauthorized Vehicle Entry
  • Setting up CCTV/ANPR cameras which allows improved security and automatic reading of authorized vehicle movements
  • Setting up Weigh bridge and Integrating it with ANPR camera
  • Tracking and allowing only decimated waste collection vehicle is assigned to a GTS/landfill
  • Weighbridge facility is integrated with IndiaWorx SWM solution
  • Vehicle is weighed & waste is unloaded thus reports Total Dry & Wet Waste Collection
  • Apart from this, it would also have reports on waste generation based on the population

The information can further aid in providing recycling solutions and scaling up waste to recycling quotient for a city’s need in helping the environment.