With advent of Information Technology in Indian healthcare, disintermediation has occurred in such a way that the primary & secondary level hospitals can have a direct access to the Super Specialty Hospitals, in a collaborative way. The new organisation model not only removes the intermediate layers but also provides a conducive atmosphere for primary level hospitals, to work symbiotically with the Super Specialty hospitals. This will be a win-win situation for both partners.This changing scenario of the healthcare industry has drastically changed the IT requirements of hospitals. There are clear challenges within the current healthcare ecosystem that must be overcome before the healthcare revolution is realized. Business models are currently focused on healthcare ecosystem. Models catering to more advanced Preventive care need to be explored by insurance companies and healthcare service providers alike.The hospitals and the suppliers will now have to start looking at the following: The following developments will have to necessarily take place in healthcare:

  • Alternative delivery model to multiply reach
  • Integrated electronic patient record system (EPR) – This helps in capturing of information and maintaining continuity and granularity
  • Alternative transaction models
  • Remote diagnosis or Tele-medicine and follow-up procedures