GIS Survey & Digitalization

An integral part of surveillance is to know the geo boundaries. Similarly for tracking and monitoring City’s resources one needs to define the geographical areas and determine resources such as vehicles and its routes.

As part of IndiaWorx GIS Survey and Digitization services, field surveys are performed to define city’s boundaries in form of Zone/Wards/Routes/Lanes/Establishment or any other POI's key definition identified by the Customer.
  • Ability to perform field surveys and define POI's
  • Ability to Categories routes based on Line of business such as Residential/Commercial/Industrial etc. and have system features definitions basis individual categories
  • Ability to mark start and end of each lane thereby enabling Lane based geo-fencing
  • Ability to mark household in each lane enabling more accurate ETA/STA calculations
  • Mobile app featuring addition of each collection point/household in each route
  • As per seasonal changes or bulk ad hoc requests received, capacity planning can be done
  • Route optimization, vehicle/driver reassignment
  • Consolidated information about lane monitoring, check on unauthorized movements (if any), whether the route has been completed or if there’s been any rash driving.