Vehicle Tracking System

At the very heart of control system lies in tacked tracking and monitoring system. VTS is our very known and talked about product which offers the customers to have immense planning, control and corrective measures execution over day to day activities of resources. In terms of smart waste management solution tracking vehicles becomes the most integral part. We also provide GPS installation services which will assist in providing real time information about movements.
  • Controllers will be able to view /manage allocations of Vehicles/Resources for any day
  • Ability to track and monitor vehicles and will result in timely resolutions to problems like vehicle breakdown or will aid them to avoid any negative scenarios such as rash driving
  • Controllers can know and manage delays caused in the routes
  • Driving style can be monitored (like mileage and rash driving), this will result in identification of good drivers. In turn, this information can serve as base to respond to customer calls

Our product is featured but not limited to tracking management for vehicles as long there is a possibility of digitization