ULB Resource Management

Digitization of City information falls under this application. IndiaWorx ULB Resource Management application provides the ability to consolidate all information pertaining to efficient working of the smart waste management system and relate them by competing the assignments for a day / month / year. Resource management becomes the key input to the tracking and monitoring.
  • Ability to define City resources such as Regions or Provinces (Zone / Ward)
  • Ability to define key stakeholders such as higher officials, external contractors
  • Ability to define employees such as CSI / Daroga / Driver / Helpers
  • Ability to define departments, responsibilities, system roles
  • Database of vehicles, employees, regions, shifts, routes etc., can be assigned and managed
  • Ability to define inventory such as GPS devices, POS devices, fuel cards
  • Ability to interlink Route – Vehicle – Drivers and update the assignments as and when required
  • Ability to define POC such as Fuel Station in charge, Workshop manager for a high level as for a province or upto detailed level as individual vehicle
  • Ability to tighten security and define User’s role & privileges
The system is not limited to above definitions but is flexible enough to define new resources and interlink them for future use