IndiaWorx Smart Waste Management Solution

IndiaWorx Smart Waste Management Solution (SWM) represents a contemporary and systematic approach to improved waste management scenario. An efficient SWM system considers how to reduce, reuse, recycle, and manage waste to protect human health and the natural environment. It involves evaluating local conditions and needs. Then choosing, mixing and applying the most suitable waste management activities according to the condition.

SWM is a complete waste reduction, collection, composting, recycling, and disposal system.

With rapid population expansion and constant economic development, waste generation both in residential as well as commercial/industrial areas continues to grow rapidly, putting pressure on society’s ability to process and dispose of this material. Also, inappropriately managed smart waste streams can pose a significant risk to health and environmental concerns. Improper waste handling in conjunction with uncontrolled waste dumping can cause a broad range of problems, including polluting water, attracting rodents and insects, as well as increasing floods due to blockage in drains.

Having a comprehensive waste management system for efficient waste collection, transportation, and systematic waste disposal—together with activities to reduce waste generation and increase waste recycling—can significantly reduce all these problems. Our SWM solution provides the right platform to create a suitable combination of ULB needs and contemporary method to manage waste most efficiently.

Our System

Our solution provides real time monitoring of all these processes & allows an organization to take appropriate actions in a timely, structured & hassle free manner.
  • Non-participation of households, trade & commerce.
  • Lack of sufficient knowledge on benefits of waste segregation at source.
  • ULB internal challenges
  • Lack of necessary tools & modern vehicles.
  • Lack of proper & timely communications.
  • No real time tracking & monitoring of Drivers/Vehicles.
  • Lack of enough waste disposal points.
  • Irregular & inefficient, collection and transportation facility.
  • 24/7 real time vehicle tracking & monitoring
  • Asset management & monitoring system
  • Staff performance & attendance system
  • MIS report generation system
  • Fuel management & diagnostics
  • Mobile apps for citizen & officials
  • Centralized monitoring & communication
  • Waste collection & fuel optimization

Our Product Offering

Key features of the product

Advanced Vehicle Tracking & Monitoring


Staff Performance & Attendance Management

Waste Collection Route Optimization

Mobile applications for Citizen and Officials

MIS Report
Generation System

Command Control & Communication Center

Asset Management & Monitoring System

IndiaWorx Smart Waste Management

IndiaWorx Smart Waste Management (SWM) solution is an integrated, end-to-end, single window, digital solution for monitoring and managing all SWM activities.