Administrators and authorities at the local, city, state or national levels need to integrate multiple interlinked and interconnected services and functions. This scenario is further complicated because information about city services and functions is captured and stored using disparate ICT infrastructure, platforms, and networks.

Using a systems thinking approach, it maps functions, services, providers and managers and allows common data, common network, and shared information infrastructure across government and non-government organisations through an integrated virtual platform.

Benefits to administrators

  • Integrating information from multiple sources
  • Analysing and mapping city service and function data
  • Monitoring performance on integrated web-based and app dashboards
  • Managing service provision, quality and timeliness
  • Optimizing operational efficiency
  • Managing staff performance and incentives

Benefits to service providers

  • Accessing information from varied sources
  • Reducing cost of provision through integrated ICT architecture
  • Ensuring service quality through analytics led insights
  • Managing performance-linked dynamic pricing or incentives linked