Product Design

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is a piece of software with just enough functionality so that it can go out to market. This means finding big answers to big problems, solving them and inspiring others to do the same. We’ve found that visionaries also make for more interesting clients. Due to popular demand we are launching an MVP development program! We’ve decided it’s time to invest in the startup community and help our fellow entrepreneurs that may not have the resources readily available to take the first step to build their business on the web or mobile.

For a combination of cash and equity the Brain Above team will now develop your company’s MVP. This organic evolution of the Brain Above business model allows us to invest in promising companies and products while helping you keep startup costs low and us invested in your company’s long-term success.

Our MVPs are built to scale far into the future of your product. We are not in the business of building fast and dirty prototypes, instead we offer you a solid starting point from which your development team can build out subsequent updates and improvements. We always produce well-documented, extensible code you will be happy to use as your foundation.